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Re: abuse in change of custody

From: emotional abuse, Mazy
Date: 26 Apr 2002
Time: 14:42:04
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I would like to think that if your sons counsilor finds evidence of abuse along with your sons fears of visitation that a judge would at least require supervised visits. Unless your evidence is strong, like signs of physical abuse, as you may already be aware, a judge will be hesitant to deny the father visitation. I hope you can secure a good lawyer that will become invested in your case, that could make all the difference in the world.

Being a survivor of abuse yourself you know that it always escalates over time. What may currently be emotional abuse could suddenly turn into a physical incident. As you probably already are, be hyper viligent, check your son for visible signs. The first time they appear take out a Protection Order. You do not need a lawyer to do this. All you have to do is fill out some paper work incuding the reasons why you feel it is needed. It will go before a judge the same day and it will either be granted temporarily until a hearing can be set (usually about 3 weeks) or it will be dismissed as unfounded and the father will never be the wiser.

I hope you can win supervised visits before your son suffers anymore spirit breaking abuse. Our children are too young ( not that anyone is ever old enough to experience abuse) to make any sense of emotional abuse. Sadly children love their parents regardless of how they are treated and seek their approval and love in return. How much more damaging it must be to have this youthful naive and unconditional love for someone who treats you as if you are no good and nothing more than a pain in the ass.

As far as what you asked me about having any documentation I have a little but it was so long ago that it may make little difference in the cas I am fighting now.

He was arressted for pushing me around and I had two consecutive Protection Orders granted against him. But he fit the steriotype of an emotional abuser to a T. He is so charming and deceitful that he can convince anyone, even trained Psychologists that he is perfectly stable and that I am the one who lives in an alternate reality. Everything that he has done even right up to now is my word against his and he lies better than I can tell the truth.

Good luck and keep in touch as we seem to be the only ones in this discussion room.


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