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Where to start?

From: Lisa
Date: 27 Apr 2002
Time: 17:50:06
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My husband found out that he had a daughter when she was 2. He went through the processes of child support orders and went to court and got anorder for visitaion. His daughter is now 15 and has been able to come for visitaion less than 20 times. Her mother has changed phone numbers, said she could come over then denied my husband at the door, made my step daughter call every boyfriend that she ever had Daddy, and in August of 2001 sent her to live with relatives in a different state. These relatives luckily believe that she should be able to have contact with her and we have been able to have regualr contact with her. She is now in the hospital for the second time due to an over dose, she has started talking about a long history of abuse from her mother and the people she has been living with cannot handle all of herproblems. They called us tolet us know about herhospitalization and asked if we would be willing to let her come and live with us. She has told us severaltimes that she wants to live with us and we want her to be able to but until now, she has felt more secure living in a seperate state from her mother. Her mother is now trying to make her come home, and we're not exactly sure where to start with any proceedings since my husbandwas never married to her mother and laws are different depending on whether or not parents were married. We need to act fast because she, along with the people who she's been staying with and us are scared of what will happen if she goes back to her mother. If anyone has any advice on where to start I would greatly appriciate it.Thank you.

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