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From: McKeifer
Date: 09 Jun 2002
Time: 01:39:53
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I would like any help in getting sole custody of my 3 sons. My ex-husband will undermine anything positive I try to do for them. He goes to my sons' schools, doctors, family and friends and makes up lies about me. I have proven some of these lies to be exactly what they are - lies - and yet there are times I can tell these people do not know what to believe or even believe my ex. My ex is a professional liar and can convince anyone that the sun sets in the east and rises in the west The things he has done to my sons are: hit them, lied to them, put fear in them, threatened them, lied about me to others in front of our boys, blames everything on me (his life would be wonderful if it wasn't for his ex), called work and degraded me to my bosses, tape recorded me, asked my sons questions and forced them to lie stating I hit them or swear at them, stalked me, comes into my home at will when we are not home, calls and hangs up when I answer, lies to his attorney even tho I have proof otherwise, all of this and much, much more. His latest was he was taking 2 of our 3 sons to Florida with his girlfriend. He told our 2 sons that because they left his home (after he threatened to hit them and degraded them) that if they didn't aplogize they were not going to Florida. Last night at 11am he told them they were going. They left this morning - he dropped the boys off at my home at 7:30am expecting me to get them packed in 30 min. I could not and delivered them to his home 1 hour later. Plenty of time for him to go to the airport and with time to spare. Couple of days ago, I received a letter from him stating he wasn't taking them to Florida and that his parents would have them during that time. First off I have the right of 1st refusal and he had no right in doing this. My ex is always playing mind games.

My oldest son walked into his dad's home to get his shoes, which his dad hid or thru out. My son washed off another pair of shoes with a washclothe and took a granola bar then left. My ex called the police and wanted to file charges against him for trespassing and theft. Fortunately the officer didn't play my ex's game and only spoke with me about the situation.

The reports to CPS are never looked into, counselors don't want to get involved, the GAL is a man lover and a woman hater (local attorneys have informed me of this) and I have no attorney at this time since no one wants the case due to the GAL taking the husbands side and my ex's attorney is best friends with the judge. My oldest has been suicidal twice, suffers from depression. My other 2 sons show signs of abuse from their dad in their behavior and I cannot get any help to stop the merry go round I am on. I do not want my sons to become victims of the system and their father, along with behaving abusively to their own family some day. Please help my sons and myself. Thank you.

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