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Help can they say that pic they have are from us as parents abusing the children? PLEASE HELP

From: Sad mom
Date: 14 Jun 2002
Time: 18:44:40
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This is a very long story, but making it quick. I gave up custody of my twins when I was 19 ,because my parents said they would help me out because I had no job at the time and that the kids would be on their insurance. As soon as I signed papers over my parents would not let me see my children (they were 15 months old at the time) for 2 1/2 months. When I was finaly allowed to see them only in my parents home for 1 hr. 1 day a week (if I got that), My children were calling my mom (thier grandmother) MOM. I was asked by my parents if I wanted to be known as "my name" the other mom, or "my name" the sister? I was furious. Anyways this went on for a while,the kids called me by my first name. I eventually met up with the kids father a few months later and told him he was the father of my twins. We soon got back together, and married in July of 1993. Now during this time my own parents would not allow me to see the children very often.They lied about me many times to anybody who would listen. The night of my wedding which was the first time my in laws met my parents ... my mother told my in-laws that I traded my kids for a car. A BIG FAT LIEEEEEEEEEE! I have been rang through the mud, but the day after I got married I was able to see and take the children anytime I wanted. During the 8 1/2 yrs that we had the children in our care (they are 11 now) my parents have forced us into doing many things that we did not want to do. We want to raise our children the way we think they should be raised, but yet my parents kept telling us no no no! For 8 1/2 yrs we had our children living with us full time. 2 yrs ago my parents moved over 600 miles away to be close to my grandfather. ON April 28th 2002 our kids were taken out of our home by false pretence from my aunt (my mom's sister). We were only allowing the children to go down to visit my diabled mom who lost her licence back in Feb. 2002 because of her seizures, and who is very depressed and wanted to see her grandchildren (we also have a almost 3 yr old). After the children get to my parents home, we got a visit about a week later from DSS stating that I the mother had spanked my youngest child so hard she couldnt sit down. NOW I was mad, furious!!!! But kept calm , found out when the call was placed, and let this DSS worker do her job. She saw no signs of abuse because there isnt any. NOw my oldest daughter would do anything to live with her grandmother! Because in their eyes she is queen 1 and everything she does is perfect and everything I do is wrong. We dont have the kind of money my parents do. But our oldest daughter would not have to be bribed into lieing, or son would have to be bribed, but he has tried to call us 2 times that we know of and he was interuppted both times. We do have a lawyer . We live in N.C. My mom is claming she has pictures of abuse on our oldest daughter . NOW I saw this child the day before she left getting out of the tub and this child did not have anything on her to catch my concern. My mom said my husband put marks on her. Which I know is a lie!!!!!!! My husband has done nothing but love and care for the older 2 because he was not there the first part of their lives.That was my fault because I did not tell him he was the father. Now I guess what I need to ask is if my daughter had fallen or what ever and had gotten bruises on her is that burden of proof that we abused her? NOt one person that has been in our and our kids lives has ever seen us spank our children. So can my parents just say hey judge I have pic . of bruises they shouldnt have custody? Help I am so lost without all of our children. Our youngest keeps asking when her bubba and sissy are coming home. We are so lost any idea's ??? Please I am a scared mom just asking for answers. Now do remind you we had physical custody of the children from Oct. 1993 until April 2002. Thanks in advance. Our state is North Carolina. Can my parents just say here's pictures and we the parents did that without any proof? We have hundreds of people behind us but I am so scared of what my mom might be telling the kids to scare them away from us. DSS found no abuse on our youngest. Please any advice?

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