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Re: I have filed for modify of custody

From: mom
Date: 19 Jun 2002
Time: 05:17:54
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I have filed for modify of custody back to me and my husband. Since my husband was not on the first custody papers we had to enter him in as interver( I believe that is the right word). So that has taken extra time, plus we dont live in the county where I signed custody over 10 yrs ago , so we have to travel 1 hr 1/2 to go back and forth. Which is not a problem for us in any kind of way! This is just so time consuming. It seems like every time we think the papers have been filed something else comes up (per our lawyer not us). We have given our lawyer over 2500. + will be giving him 500 more this Thursday. Seems like everything is going so slow for us. We wanted this over with since we found out it started.

If our daughter is lying , we can prove her wrong from several witness. I dont want to that to my own daughter, but I will to get her back from my parents. The longer she stays with them, the more she will be hurt in the long run(mentaly). See our daughter tried to get CPS about 2 yrs ago to come and tell us (parents) we couldnt spank her anymore. She has done many things but I dont want to put my daughter down. She is a very beautiful person, but has a lying mind like her grandmother. Anyways the CPS found no signs of abuse and told our daughter we had all rights to spank her, with a belt or our hand. We use our hand on thier bottoms no where else.

So if she is the one lying now and not just my parents, we do have witness that saw her in a 2 pc bathing suit the day after she got her bottom spanked 4 pops (I thought she deserved more). I saw my husband spank her and he was not using any force what so ever, my son came running in because he heard his 2 yr old baby sister crying because the older daughter had twisted her arm (marks on 2 yr olds wrist and a bruise the next day) We told our oldest daughter( this was not the first time she has realy tried to hurt her younger sister) that this was not right. That if her baby sister was doing something wrong she needed to come tell us (the parents) and we would set her (younger daughter) straight. She is only 2 almost 3 now and has had her bottom spanked before also with a diaper on and no more than 3 pops with the diaper on. Plus we also have her best friends parents ( who saw our kids in our home and thier home at least 2 to 5 times a month) who our daughter has lied and stolen from back in Feb.2002.That was just the last time she did this to her best friends parents. We also have witnesses that saw our daughter fall off of her bicycle 2 times that week that they (our older 2) left. We also have witnesses that saw our daughter falling off of a swing set that same week. None of these people saw any bruises on any of our children that week. Especially our oldest daughter, when she was wearing her 2 pc bathing suit with shorts over the bottoms to paint a bench in. ALl of our children have always been very happy go lucky children even the day they left, they were giving us kisses and hugs, giving our neighbors hugs.

One more thing, our daughters, best friends parents, had been told by their daughter, that our daughter had told her that she was moving to her grandparents home before she moved. So this was pre Knowledge! The parents did not say anything to us until after we found out what was going on. We were so hurt because they had not told us, but they are only human, like we were for trusting my parents again after all these yrs.

I'm not saying all grandparents should but out of their grandkids lives, but there are the exception.

We should find out our court date by the end of the week. We know it is going to be in August some time! Just unbelievable that our kids minds,spirits,are being hurt through all of this! I dont want my parent to put us down in front of them, and yet I dont want us putting my parents down in front of the kids either. I dont think they need to hear all the bad things that are going to be said by both sides!! I dont want to take them away from my parents, but to take away their custody rights. That is all! They can see their grandchildren any time they want to (THEY HAVE NOT CALLED TO SPEAK TO OUR 2 YR OLD IN ALMOST 2 MONTHS), but not I nor my husband will have a relationship with these people ever again! We have tried several times, but this has to stop !!! I dont want to be like that with my parents but they have given me no choice in this matter!

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