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Re: Someone Define CHILD ABUSE

From: Cryingteen
Date: 14 Jul 2002
Time: 03:44:34
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Hi to whom ever i concern. I really need someone info on what to do here. My case is; My parents got devorced and they never married so we're illigmate children. My mother has 8 kids all total 9 now since she got married to a big baby, made out to be a pervert. I move to TN with my mother and my sisters and brother. I lived in TN for three years. I came down with serious depression. The kids health was bad and my mother never cared about what was wrong with them or ever took them to the hospital. Shes never taken us to the doctor for crap. the only time we get something to cure ourselfs is when is happens to her. Before we moved to TN we lived in FL the kids gotten beating really bad and myself. My father tide my oldest sister up with a phone cord and beaten her with a stick for trying to cook the kids somethign to eat and then he got after me cause i didnt tell on her. Im just given you an idea of our lifestyle and if you seen what ive seen, and been through what i been through its unbelieveable to know your alive right now. Me and My siblings have lived in fear for years, we werent aloud to do or say anything. they had us brainwashed from the real world. We didnt go to school up untill this year. I am 15 now turning 16 in aug 21. Here in TN I became suiciedal and wanted to leave to FL for a few months, The kids were out of hand, mother was gone with her new BF buying sex toys leaving us at the house. My mother isnt a whore. Saare the oldest and I have raised the kids our selfs, and they really look up to us, so i didnt want them to see the uncontrolable side of me. I moved to FL last year in NOV things were okay besides dads temper. he got over that. we were put in schools there and we were failing flat on our heads its a shame. So 3 of the kids went back and i stay'd. My dad got a new GF from Swiss and when she came things changed. She saw me as a problem child because i was failing. so then on she check on a behavor modification school for me for bad kids. I saw the place and did research on it. I didnt like it cause it was out the county and I dont feel safe there. I would have to be there for a year. come to find out its ownd by the wwwasp and they abuse children. Its like going to into another consitration camp. I feared that place once i saw the video i have a fearful vide and i trust myself enough to not walk into danger if i can avoid it. So mother called and asked if i wanted to come for the summer i replied YES. I got there and i saw the way they were living which hasnt changed but it was nasty. the kids dont know what love it, and fear that they wont ever grow into normal people. Well after my mother read my personal book it said in there that i was materbating one night, so she used that against me and make up lies about how im a pervert so she kicked me out. she didnt her new husbend did. Im afraid because mother gave him the thr rights to spank the children and he isnt even bring in money for the kids. hes only been there for 10 months and mother only knew him for 4 weeks untill they married. Im afrAID that if he harms the kids mother wont do anythig about it, back then she never protect us from dad nor did she stop hurting us. My oldest sister is so mest up. my other sisters she a bit younger, she has alot of spunk in her and when she has osmething on her mind she'll say it. the step father doesnt like that and tries to beat her down emotionaly and physicaly, hes tried to over power me but i think he has too much power that i dont feel confurtable giving him. Anyways My mother kicked me out, i told my dad can we find a school in the state he replied NO so im at my grand mothers house right now and i cant get into school because they wont give my grand mother custody over me nor can i get into school or get a job. I cant live iwht my grand parents for that long because my Grand dads health is going and with all this druma he said he might have another stroke. I want to be declared as an adult, cause nobody is taking care of me but myself, or i want to live with my mother. I came over the 3 in the morning begging her ill do anythig just to live there because i have noone where to go no way to support myself with out my birth papers. they just said they dont wnatot have anything to do with me. Now my father and mother has a plane because there trying to get me out of the states cause they think im gonna open my mouth a there gonna be put in jail. they cold be put in jail, and my dad for all i know about him now hes gonna be on deathrow. I dont wnat that to happen. I just want them to sign papers or do somehting. so I really need to help from everyone i can get it from cause im stuck in this one and i cant get out.i have loads and loads of documents showing all the horrible things they done to those kids in those places out of the US. I have contacted alot of people who help me know everthing i know now about the wwasp schools. Please anyone, I really need your advice!


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