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From: Questions about court
Date: 16 Jul 2002
Time: 13:47:14
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My husband and I are going to court July 22 to modify custody of our older children from my parents. I realy did not want to take them to court , but they are giving me no other option.

As my father said " IF you dont like not being allowed to see or talk to your children get a lawyer,if you can afford one".

So we have , the court date on July 22 is just for my husband to intervene into the first custody signing that I signed over to my parents over 10 yrs ago. Even though we have had physical custody of our children for almost 9 yrs, and my parents now live in another state, we still have to go through all of this.

Does anybody know what will happen on our first court date? Our lawyer is going off of my husband being the Bio father and that he never gave away his rights. Also if that doesnt work our lawyer is going to go on the law " Locas Parentis" (I believe that is how it is spelled). Meaning my husband has played the roll of father to our children for the last 9 yrs. They have known no other father.

Also my parents are not allowing us to even talk to our son. Our children are being brainwashed. I know this for a fact! I was told that my children were told by mother that" I traded my kids for a car 10 yrs ago". Which is such a lie!!!!!

I dont want to take away there rights to see the grandchildren, but I do believe we as a family (me,hubby,and kids) need couceling before we allow the grandparents to come see the children. We also have a 3 yr old that they have not wanted to have anything to do with since the end of April. They havent even called to talk with her. This is driving us crazy!

Has anybody else gone through this? I do believe most grandparents should see thier grandchildren, I just want my babies back home with their loving parents who miss them very much!

I also need some idea's on how to face my parents. I do not want them apart of my life anymore. They have done this one to many times, but I will be allowing them to see their grandchildren, just as soon as we get our family back together. My parents are also alleging abuse on our children which was not founded in our state, and in my parents state they cannot conduct a full search because we do not live down there and they cannot talk to anybody who has seen our children on a daily basis around us! Any advice please? Thanks in advance!!

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