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I do agree with parents and grandparents

From: SHC
Date: 17 Jul 2002
Time: 17:33:23
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I guess I am in the middle here. I know that most say grandparents shouldnt have rights. Well that is true from a parent, but I also believe that some grandparents can play a very important roll in the grandchildren's lives! I was very close to both of my grandmother's all of my life! I just lost both of them in the last 2 yrs and I feel like my world is gone. It wasnt that I didnt love my mother, but I had a special bond with my grandmother's! I want that for my children also, but I do want my parents to realize that me, my husband , and children are intact and they are not going to interfere with our relationship. I dont want to keep them from their grandchildren, even though they took the older 2 but not our youngest makes no sense to me what so ever!!!! They havent even called to try to talk to her. And she just turned 3. Our 3 yr old does not understand why her siblings are not around. She is confussed and when we call to talk to our children, they always have us on a speaker phone if we can talk to the children and our youngest can not hear them as well on the speaker phone and she always hand the phone back saying" that's not my bubba, or sissy". It is sad!! Linda I have read your post. And I feel very sorry for you as a grandmother, I know this has to be horrible for you not being allowed to see your grandchild. I do believe that some parents are just trying to show thier parents who is boss!!!! Parnets and grandparents do things to each other just to only end up hurting the children in the long run! It is sad. My husband thinks I'm crazy for even allowing my parents to see the children after we get them back, but I also had that special bond with my grandmother's that I dont want to ever take away from my children.

Linda, Please keep trying! YOu and your situation have been in my prayers. I guess I just want what's best for my children! Adults realy need to grow up and put their feelings aside, and quit trying to get back at each other and just show the children that you all love them. NO matter how much you hate your child or your parents ... IT IS NOT RIGHT TO THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!! I do realize some parents dont need to be parents, and I do also realize that some grandparents go out of their way to make their children and grandchildrens life hell!!!!!! I just pray for the children!!!!!!! Take care Linda, I do feel for you! SHC

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