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Re: I do agree with parents and grandparents

From: Linda
Date: 17 Jul 2002
Time: 20:28:27
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Every situation is different. In my case I have to deal with a father that was never married to my daughter. If it was up to my daughter I would have custtody as she has felt I should take all her responsibilities because of her drug addiction. This father has been violent not only to my daughter but his ex wife and his present wife. Heis very controling and he wants his daughter because of revenge not out of Love. He also is getting financial help from his father because he has Raven. it in involves so much and I am,for now, Out of it. I did write the Judge a letter in hopes that she will reflect and remember this case when another child in this situation comes before her. I hope she does not hold me in contempt. ha! In your situation ,you know it better than me, but i am not sure I would allow them visits anymore. Your relationship with your grandparents was different than what your parents are trying to establish. What they have done has not only been damageing to the older ones but your 3 year old as well. 3 Is my favorite age. They are keeping the children from important bonding time. I think you are so close to the situation maybe it would be better to let your husband decide or maybe let the kids decide after they are settled back in. It is hard. They have made a very big mistake and it would be hard for me not to want them to suffer some at least.

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