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Re: I do agree with parents and grandparents

From: SHC
Date: 18 Jul 2002
Time: 00:20:17
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Linda, My husband fully agree's with you by not allowing the children to see my parents any more. For now honestly I dont want them to see me or my family at all! I dont want any contact with them after we get our children back home! I just dont want a judge to say well your not allowing the grandparents to see the grandchildren so I am going to give them visitation.... or God knows what else. It scares me that one judge can change my life or my parents lives forever. I am seeking couciling now. I am very hurt,mad,sad, confussed, and I want revenge. But If I dont allow my parents to see my children after all of this "Am I doing the same thing that they are doing?" I guess that's what I have a problem with! I know my relationship was totaly different with my grandparents ! I believe for awhile it is going to have to be either court ordered that we let my parents see the children, or it is going to have to be my husband deciding what to do. My husbands main concern is what my parents have done to the children mentaly and I agree 100%. I believe after we get them back we will find out exactly what they have done to the children. I belive after we find that out, I will be able to better decide wheather to allow them to see the children or not. For our 3 yr old, even though we try to not talk around her about this, She knows something is going on and she is hurt because she has never been without her siblings for this long.

I feel for you seriously about your grandaughter! I hope your daughter is getting help with her drug addiction problem! And I believe you as a grandmother only want what is best for your grandchild! It seems so hard for me to believe that DSS or CPS could not find any signs of abuse from him? Is he that well spoken or does he just have his father giving him lots of money to fight the system? I also find it hard to believe these parents out there that say "that God told them to starve their 10 month old for 51 days" that is so horrible! I never knew parents like this were out there until I was having to go through accusations of abuse myself! Even though abuse was unfounded in our home, we are still having to wait on my parents DSS state to finish their part of the investigation. Which they are not going to be able to find anything down there because the children were with us before my parents kidnapped them to their state so how could DSS in my parents state find us guilty of anything?????

I just feel for you and your situation and yes 3 is a wonderful age, but very stressfull at times too! lol ! We are still going through the terrible 2 stage though! It seems since her siblings have been gone she has gotten alot worse. She seems mad at everything. But yet can give you the biggest smile ,hug and kiss that will warm your heart for days! She is such a joy, but a tomboy for sure! I just hope little Raven knows she is loved by you and is not told being mentaly abused like my children are right now! Please keep me updated! Thank you for letting me vent!!!!! I am just scared about the whole court system. NOt that I have done anything wrong, the whole system just scares me from what I have heard from other people. Take care, and all will come out good in the end!

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