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Re: I do agree with parents and grandparents

From: Linda
Date: 18 Jul 2002
Time: 03:42:07
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It is very hard to prove abuse. Here are some examples I have had to deal with. Raven came to my home with glove like burns on her legs. The doctor that the mother and i took her to talked to CPS. He said she had been put in to hot of water. They would not investigate because they said it could have been an accident. She could have crawled in the tub, he could have put her in by mistake. They said that we could not prove that he did it intentially. Then there was severe diaper rashe with blisters on her bottom. The blisters according to the doctor were cause by sitting in wet diapers. CPS does not investigate diaper rashe. Then there was pink eye for over 3 weeks. It was so severe her eyes were actually swollen shut. By the time CPS got there he had finally taken her to the doctor. That proved he got medical attention for her. Then there were burns on her fingers. Pictures did not prove how they got there. Then there was a smashed finger that got infected. The hospital called CPS but they said it did not meet the criteria of imminent danger.This goes on and on. The last time was when she came with bruises on her nose and marks above her lip that looked like a carved pumpkin. She started telling me that her mommy(stepmother) pushed her down because she dumped her eggs out) I then put on a micro tape recorder. She said that the blood came out her stomach ,out her nose and allover her shirt,arms and carpet. She said she pushed her hard. I said ---- wouldn't do that so she would talk louder and she did. She said "yes she did,she does it all the time. She pushed me hard" The blood went everywhere" I took a video of her injuries, I took pictures, I called CPS and they told me to take her to the hospital. The hospital called the police but when the doctor came in he said " I understand your stepmother pushed you and made your nose bleed?" What? That was pretty leading. I stopped the doctor from questioning her because I wanted to make sure she was not rehearsed. I thought CPS was coming to the hospital to question the child but they never showed. They made an appointment with the father the next day. The CPS worker could not get Raven's attention to answer any questions and the father said it happened in the sand box. The audio taped was listened to by the cPS supervisor who decided Raven could not be counted as a credible witness mainly because she was 3 years old. She pointed out that Raven said the blood came out of her stomach, That I said ---- would not do that! and that could be contrued as a game. Therefore they ruled it unfounded. See what I mean? CPS said after 5/1/2002 this case would not even be investigated because it did not meet the criteria of imminent danger which means broken bones , massive bruises or sexual abuse. of course this includes not supplying medical attention and basic needs. The system is going backwards. I'm very weary. The other strange thing is that the CPS worker delivered a message from her supervisor telling me not to give up on Raven and that I was doing the right thing. In court it was called harassement by the judge. The system is screwed up! I acted as a responsible adult. Even so it did not help Raven.The judge ordered counseling for Raven but no one is going to monitoring that. She also ordered no corporal punishment for Raven. What good is that going to do. He has never followed a court order. No he is not well spoken he has an 8th grade education. his family has paid the best lawyers in the city. His first lawyer quit because he could not control his client. His last lawyer is married to the head of the father's rights organization and she went after me with ton's of paper. The father has never had to testify. My lawyer I had in 2000 that got all these court orders ordered died of cancer. The case became very complicated. There has been 5 lawyers 1 GAL, 3 judges just in juvenile court. About 20 court dates. Circuit court hearings as well with other judges. It became a legal nightmare and I did not have a lawyer. Plus my daughter did not show up to court the last 4 hearings which also did not help me fight for Raven. It looked like poor dad having to raise Raven all by himself while the mother does drugs and the grandmother harassing him. Do you understand a little better. I became weary, my diabetes was getting worse and on my last court date , i went with a broken rib. I fell in my yard the day before. So this turned into a nightmare. I let Raven down because I could not afford an attorney. This case was so complicated with the mother's lawyers , father's and different judges that everyone I talked to wanted to start at $5000 and they said it could run up tp $10000. Thanks for leting me get this out.

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