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From: SHC
Date: 18 Jul 2002
Time: 17:58:32
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I understand your frustration! You must be at a lose with out your daughter(from her drug addiction), and with the fathers parents giving him money for lawyers. You must seem like you are fighting a losing battle! That must seem very frustrating! CPS or DSS is very strange to me! I dont understand all of there findings at times. Bruises well my 3 yr old has bruises from playing all the time! But when DSS came out to our house the first part of May she didnt have any bruises or marks on her. She had just gotten out of the hospital a month earlier because of a horrible air born virus called "ROTA" virus. It is like the flu, but much harder on young children. So we had been afraid to even let her out of our house because we were scared of her getting the virus again. When DSS did come by I took her diaper off and pulled up her shirt, not because the DSS worker asked but because I wanted to prove right then and there that I had not hurt my child in anyway!!!!!!!! NOw with our older children, one was being homeschooled and the other was in public school but was being taken out the end of the yr so he could be homeschooled also. Now our oldest daughter had fallen off of her bike 2 times the week before she left, plus had fallen off of a swing set that same week. I saw her the day before she left getting out of the tub and I saw no signs of any marks on her, but yet I wasnt looking for any either. Our son plays baseball and did unicycle at school so he had all kinds of bruises on him. Not from me or my husband but from regular activities that our children do everyday!

Our 3 yr old is a tomboy and loves to climb , play ruff , you know how that is. She never walks only runs! 24/7!!!!!!!!! She is my wild child for sure!!!!!!!!! It seems that most CPS or DSS workers are not having enough training or are not seeing what realy is going on. I read somewhere where there were over 3000 children taken from their homes last year and only 600 of them were actually abuse cases. How do DSS or CPS make their findings on a case? How do they determine if a bruise is from them playing, or from someone trying to hurt them? How could they not see of burns on a 3 yr old being abusive? I guess you couldnt prove he did that to her. I know when DSS came to my home, I was angry, I was mad, furious because I knew I had never done anything to my children , nor my husband! But when I was able to call her a few days later I apologized and she said it was normal for parents to be upset! I know she probably got the wrong impression from me the first time she spoke to me, but what scares me is if she just thought I had abused my child she could have taken her. That scares me to death! I know I will probably have DSS at my home once a week after we get our older children home because my parents will be calling just to get me upset. I welcome DSS into my home day or night to check on my children! Dont give up on your grandchild! No matter what even if everything is against you dont give up!!!!!!

It was hard for us to get a lawyer, luckily we went through a prepaid legal service that was able to help us ! Just keep the faith and I will publish the rest of those emergency #'s on the the other site for you to look up! They have been a great help to me! Without prayer I wouldnt have been able to make it!! Keep the faith!!!!

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