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Re: Linda

From: Linda
Date: 19 Jul 2002
Time: 10:36:07
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The burns were not blistered, they were bright red. If they had been blistered, cps would have considered them as a serious injury.They needed to prove intent and I could not prove that.

Cps has to investigate all bruises that are reported at least they were before 5/1/2002. They are usually unfounded unless they are serious injuries. Cps guidlines here as of 5/1/2002 is that they are not going to be investigating any cases unless they are what CPS calls the child being in imminent danger. All cases which they consider moderate abuse will not be investigated but the parents will be offered parenting classes. According to CPS even though they offer parenting classes , they can not force the parents to take them. They are doing this because each worker has over 140 cases and they do not have enough workers to handle all the complaints and they need to help the more serious cases. So in my opinion, what they call moderate abuse and neglect is allowed as long as you don't cause serious injuries. Our system is very screwed up. They will not remove a child unless the child is in imminent danger which means massive bruises, broken bones, sexual abuse or denying basic needs like shelter,food and medical care for serious injuries or illnes. All other will not be investigated. My granddaughter was pushed by the stepmother on 4/7/2002, she had bruises on her nose and above her lip(like a carved pumpkin)I had her on tape telling me all about it and how the blood went all over her shirt, arms, and carpet. I had a video and pictures and a doctor's report. The supervisor at CPS said I was lucky that it was investigated because after 5/1/2002 it would not have been investigated. It was still ruled unfounded because Raven could not be counted as a credible witness, she did not answer the social worker the next day about her bruises, and the father said it happened in a sand box. There were no witnesses and they said it could not be proved. But, the appalling part is they will not be investigating these type of cases anylonger. The child will now have to be seriously hurt. Don't you agree that this is outragious?

Also the guildlines here for a grandparent to get custody is they have to prove the parents to be unfit by CPS guidlines. Their guildlines are only if the child is imminent danger. It is not what is in the best interest of the child like it is when 2 parents are battling it out.

Vistation on the other hand is suppose to be decided on what is in the best interest of the child. But because I couldn't mention what had happened over the 3 1/2 years and I was stuck by her making a rule that nothing could be heard unless it was after 3/6/2002, it was hard to show a pattern. The part that the judged ruled on that threw me is that she said I had harrassed the father by making 2 unfounded reports. Along with his sister's lies and these unfounded reports , she ruled that I would lose my vistation. Even if I won he would have appealed it and I would have lost anyway. You see ther have been many supreme court ruling against visitation and in favor of the parents. They are saying it is unconstitutional to force parents to give grandparents visitaion.

My goal was to get her services or inforce the old orders that would help Raven. I asked for a CASA worker,a drug test, a psycological evaluation for the father(which he was already ordered to by another judge but never complyed), an evaluation of the child by a forencic specialist in child abuse.

What I got is the judge ordering counseling for Raven with a family counselor and the step mother and father to participate. She also ordered that the counselor bring me in when appropriate. There were no guildlines of when , how long or requirments of any reports to be made to the court. She ordered no corporal punishment for Raven. These orders really don't mean anything if he does not have to report to anyone.

She also (by request of his attorney) orderd that I pay him $450.00. Now I have to pay the abuser and the person that has used his child consistency to torment my entire family.

I have written a letter to the judge in hopes that i can show her that things are not always what they seem and that ordering evaluations and services are necessary when the court is not sure to believe. I am going to send this letter to every judge that has had anything to do with this case.

There have been 3 in Juvenile court and 2 in circuit court. The only time any judge listened to this case was in 2000 when it was heard for 12 hours by a judge that really cared. She orderd 18 court orders just to the father. At that time, I had an attorney for my petition for custody and my daughter had gotten her self together and got an attorney for custody as well. The court kept me part of the case for 1 1/2 years because both parents had problems until this new judge reviewed the case.

When it went for review , she refused to change the 50/50 custody that the previous judge ordered and she would not listen to new evidence. She at that time dismissed me from the case.

The father appealed against the mother and when she started doing drugs 12/25/2001 I had no choice but to inform the Gal. Since I was no longer part of the case and it was now in circuit court the father an emergency hearing in circuit court and got temporary custody.

I filed for custody in juvenile court because this guy had never changed but in the mean time on 3/6/2002 the final hearing was on the docket in circuit court between the mother and father.

She did not show up and the court gave him full custody.

My petition came up in juvenile court and the judge decided nothing could be heard before 3/6/2002 when there was a final order in circuit court.

See how complicated this got because of my daughter's actions and his too. He had the powerful attorney , I didn't. Sorry to ramble but I know it is hard to understand. I hope this clears some of it up. Thanks for listening, Linda

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