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Re: Linda O my goodness

From: SHC
Date: 19 Jul 2002
Time: 14:09:23
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This is totaly outragious!! I can not believe that a judge would not see from a bruise and a cut on the face what was happening to this child. The Dr. did he not sign something saying it showed signs of abuse? I also dont understand what they mean by 5/1/2002. So if a child gets a small bruise on the face from one of their parents hitting them ,,,, is that saying that it is ok???????? That is abuse!!!!!!!!!!! When you use your hand or arm or anything else to intentionaly harm a child that is abuse. No matter how big or small the bruise is. What is CPS or DSS doing? Are they just going to allow these children to die before they listen? I hate to say that, because I know that has to be going through your mind. You know when I was growing up a switch or a wip was used on me as a child. I remember one time when my parents and I were living with my grandmother and my father had spanked me for something (cant remember what) and I had to go get a switch. I had switch marks Up and down my back (not my behind) and all the way down my legs. I was at least 6 or younger. I remember it was the dead of summer and my mom made me go put pants on because she didnt want anybody to see the marks my dad had left on me. I also remember my grandmother blessing my father out for leaving marks on me like that, shortly after that we moved out of my grandmother's home. Anyways not I nor my husband have ever laid a hand to hurt the children except when they have realy done something wrong.AND THAT Is only on the behind with our hand!!!!! Nothing that would leave marks!!!!!! I just dont understand the parents out there that want to hurt their children. That makes no sense to me! It anger's me that parents cant control their anger and leave the room until they have calmed down. My father has always been " I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG". I have always thought even now in my 30's that I need to prove or make my father happy someway so he will be proud of me. I never made him proud! I never will and I have quit trying! As far as they are concerned my parents only have 1 child and that is the one they adopted when I was 9. I was thrown out of the picture when they adopted. I rebelled for a very long time but only in my teen years! I rebelled more not because I had a new sibling, but because my parents moved me away from my grandparents and home town that I loved so much! They took me away from everything I knew! Even when I would run away my parents could careless if I was living on the streets, because they would never give their rights away to another family member that was willing to take me in. They just refused and said I could either come home or die on the streets. Which I came home when I was pregnant. Had no where else to go and I thank them for taking care of me when I was pregnant. I thank them very much! That was a big burden on them I know! But they wanted to be parents not grandparents to my children. That was wrong and they will probably never see that! But what I was saying about CPS is it amazes me that when I was a child I knew nothing of CPS but now days they come to our children's school at least 5 times a year and if a call is placed into CPS for abuse they come out and investigate, but yet are the children afraid, or are CPS just not seeing the signs? I know if CPS was around when I was a child my dad would have gone to jail and back many times! I have never done that to my children and I never will!! I saw what my parents did to me and I was determined to break the cycle of them hurting me! Our children are our own flesh! Even though they go through ruff times to we still love them and would never do anything intentionaly to hurt them in anyway!!!!!!! It just breaks my heart for poor Raven!

Your daughter using drugs, that is something I have never been able to understand. But I am not a drug addict. I have been accused by my parents that I was or am on drugs, but I have never used them. The drug thing scared me too much! She needs help, but it has to be her wanting the help or it will never work! I know you have probably tried to get her help. When people are on drugs they dont care about the loved ones around them. She is not meaning to hurt you, the drugs make her do that!!!!!!!!

I just feel for you and your situation. As I await mine, I feel like O MY GOODNESS this can go on for years without me seeing my children! AND yes that scares the HECK out of me! Me and my husband are going to parenting classes starting next week. We decided on our own that maybe we could do things different to disiplaine the children,not that we think we have done anything wrong, because we dont! We just want to hear from other parents that are out there with young teens and how they are able to make decisions on punishment if their child does something wrong. My kids hate to write. So when they lie, I make them write sentences. They just cant stand it! But yet I would rather them write than me have to spank on their behinds. I just dont want to!

Keep the faith Linda, God will pull you and Raven thorugh this!

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