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Re: Linda O my goodness

From: Linda
Date: 19 Jul 2002
Time: 15:35:58
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The 5/1/2002 date is the the start of the new guildlines that now they are only going to investigate cases that are considered imminent danger. The system is going backwards. Yes my dad would have been in jail also. He used a belt.

Your going to be alright because your court date is coming up and it will be all over but of course you will have to deal with the damage that has been caused.

I have been very lucky with my grandson who is 16 that I am raising. He is just really the most wonderful kid. He has a great attitude and He has been a true joy to raise.

The key I have found is treating him respect and keeping a calm demeanor. Using humor is very helpful even though I haven't had much of that lately. I have always kept him very busy. He has played every sport, gone to camps, he has volunteered at the marine science museum, worked evey summer since he was 14 and he is an excellent student. He was born good as I see it. He has been a easy child to raise. My married daughter is doing good also. She also played sports in school and has always been a team player. She has 2 children 6 and 6 months. He life is good except what is going on with her sister. She married someone that is financially set for the rest of his life. They live 2 iles from me in a 4 story house on the ocean. Their life is one that many dream of. Her husband is very tight with his money though.

My daughter who was doing drugs is 35 years old. She isn't doing drugs anymore because she went to jail a few days ago. She is going to be there for a long time. She is charged with 5 felonies. This is her 3rd time in jail over the last 10 years. When she was growing up I was constantly protecting her because of learning disabilities. I provided counseling, eye therapy, special school for 3 years, tutors, modeling schools to buid her self esteem then hairdressing school. She really was never diagnosed correctly and I now feel she is bi-polar but can't be tested until she is off drugs for at least 5 years. When she is off drugs, everyone loves her. She is loving to her children and they love her but she acts recless. She blows her money and gets her self in trouble. She is very hard headed. We did everything we could to stop her from distroying her life but she is determined to do what ever she wants. She had 50/50 custody and at Christmas , she left Raven with me 2 days before. She owned a hair salon and that is a busy time for her. She kept calling and telling me that she had to go shopping. I believed her as she loves christmas. She called Christmas eve and said she had to just run to k-mart and she was coming over to spend the night, then she called back and said she would come at 6 am christmas morning before Raven got up. She led me to believe that Raven was going to have a wonderful Christmas. I did not buy much for Raven as I counted on her mother and I had Blake to buy for. I gave Raven her presents early to keep her busy so I nothing for her christmas morning. I finally reached Beth at 5:30 am christmas morning and this is what she said "Look the truth of the matter is that I invested my money and I got ripped off! I am going home to sleep away Christmas and believe it never happened" Click! I was there with a 3 year old and NO Christmas. Thank God My other daughter had bought her about 15 presents but I could not go over there for a few hours. Can you emagine what this felt like? Around 11 am I called the father and asked him what time was he suppose to pick Raven up because I thought they shared Raven on Christmas. The stepmother answered and said to him and I quote: "This is Linda, she is trying to give you Raven, Hang up the phone you dumb ass!" This was Christmas Morning! I told him that Beth had the flu and I thought they shared Christmas. To find out they didn't. I gave Beth one week to tell me what she was going to do with no response. I told her I was calling the GAL with no response. I told her I would have to tell the father with no response. I had no choice but to tell the GAL on 1/6/2002. I could not meet the father without the mother. After that she lost her house, business , car and now has gone around town buying cars and leasing cars and giving them to drug dealers. She has tried to cash stolen checks, she has had rental cars that have been wrecked by drug dealers, one she bought and never made a payment and the drug dealer left it in NY. I tried paying some of her bills at the shop to keep it going because she would promise she was going into rehab. She has been with this girl doing all this stuff that she met in jail. They are both in jail now. More charges are expected. Now she wants clothes, money, an attorney etc. and calls constantly collect. I can not help her and i have been telling her for months that when this happened I would not be able to help her. I have shown tough love with her and I have continued to talk to her as a human being. She never went to court to save her daughter. Raven soes not know what happened to her mother now she does not know what happened to her sister or me. What a hurtful nightmare. Crack cocain is a dangerous drug. Beth had a load of friends and was doing lots of community service, now she does not have one friend left except the one she is in jail with. Because of her record , she will probably get 20 or more years. All this mess happened in a 6 month period. Here I go again, I'm sorry. Linda

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