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Linda tough love is hard to do another question for you!

From: SHC
Date: 19 Jul 2002
Time: 19:38:12
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I feel for you and little Raven. Your daughter did this to herself! Sorry when they are on drugs they think only of themselves! ONLY OF THEMSELVES! Isn't that horrible to believe. There is so much you can do as a mom! YOu have to know that by now! You cant blame yourself! You told her what was going to happen and sorry she is old enough to know better! My husband has an older brother that I have never met mostly because he has been in jail for the last 7 or 8 yrs. He was dealing drugs, lying. You name and it and he got busted. Me and my husband told him to stop. He also has a daughter that lives with his Ex-wife that he has not seen in over 9 yrs. But anyways we told him he better start paying child support and stop what ever he was doing. He has always been this way I was told by my mother in-law! Well he finally got in jail for drugs and he wants us to help him by sending money to a lawyer so he can get out. I told him "Sorry you did the crime you do the time". Well then his EX wife whom I have never met decided to keep him in jail for not paying child support. I totaly believe he should have been paying child support, but I believe it would be better if he was out of jail and working to pay child support. Instead we are having to pay his bills while he is in jail for not paying support now. He has already served his time for the drugs! Anyways that's life!!!!!!!!!!!! He did it to himself and he wanted his brother's to get him out of jail or send money to him so he could buy things in prison. SORRY! I said no way!!!! Our money was not going to someone that was dealing drugs, wheather he was using or not I do not know, but that is not the point! He knew better!!!

I think it is the glamor of sin that some people see and are just addicted from the start! They cant stop the drugs until they find they love something more than the drug! I feel sorry for little Raven not having anything for Christmas. That just breaks my heart! He mom should have known better. But you cant beat yourself up for that! At least you have family close by that should be a big help to you! I have no family in my state or within 400 miles. Only my husbands side who lives almost 2 hrs away. Luckily they do come and see the children when they can and we go down there alot to see them and our friends.

I just talked to the the DSS worker up here today and she said she just got intouch with the DSS workers down in my parents state, and she said that once she got the fax from this lady that she would probably have to do a home Study. What exactly is a home study? When I asked her if I should be worried , she said no I havent gotten anything, but you should be worried about what your family is saying about you to the DSS workers down in my parents home state. So I didnt know if I should freak out now or what. She asked what our schedule was and I told her she could come anytime, but I would prefer her be here when my husband is home. So I dont know what to think now. It too DSS down there from May 8th until now to decide we need a home study? Just curious! I'm just worried about my kids. We cant get anybody to pick up the phone at my parents home for almost 2 weeks now. So I am realy worried! I'm just freaked out about the court system in general! Thanks!

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