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Here's a kicker for you

From: SHC
Date: 20 Jul 2002
Time: 13:49:47
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Well I was realy upset after the DSS worker told me that yesterday, but I was told this is normal with cases that drag out, plus it all depends on what my mother told the kids to say also to the DSS worker down there. Any ways, we just found out our Court date Monday has been moved to the week after, because the judge is going on vacation and our lawyers office didnt find out until yesterday through the mail!!!! So who knows!!!!! I doubt my parents got the notification in time that it has been moved, I have a feeling they are up here in my state for a few days waiting for Monday to come. But there is not going to be court MONDAY! lol

We have called a dozen times with no one picking up. NOw since all of this has happened my mother screens her calls, but now if we dont do *82 before we dial the # an operator comes on and says this person does not take unlisted #'s, and hangs up! So we have to show thim it is us trying to call, but at least our phone bill will prove that we have been trying to call several times and have not been able to talk to the kids because it is only a 1 min phone charge.

So another week of waiting. I told the DSS worker I didnt care when she came as long as my husband was here with me! Anyways how would they realy be able to do a home study if our other children arent here??? That makes no sense to me!!!!!!

O Well. God knows best! Will keep you updated!

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