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I dont know either

From: SHC
Date: 23 Jul 2002
Time: 03:55:47
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I was hoping my parents would bring our kids by.... but I guess not! Tomorrow is our anniversary and I realy just want to curl in bed until our kids come home! I know you must feel like that with little Raven! I'm just ready for my babies to be home and all of this done and over with!!!!!! We are suppost to talk to our lawyer tomorrow, hopefully he can help us learn more about how they can do a home study if all of our children arent at home!!!!! This makes no sense to me at all!!! I am just all nerves with my parents! I wanted to go up to the court house today and see if they showed up. But I just didnt want to see them by myself! Plus I would have had our youngest and she would have been a handful! Things will work out in the end I keep praying! Thanks for listening!

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