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child abuse accused

From: kay
Date: 19 Aug 2002
Time: 23:46:38
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i was arrested for child abuse. i spanked my 2 children and left marks. i dont know what to do. dfs came and took my children. i cant afford a lawyer but i do not qualify for the public defender because my income is more than $900.00 per month. dfs wants me to get my children back, but the county in which i live does not. they are charging me with a class c felony. i am a single mom with 3 children. i was brought up with spankings i never thought it was child abuse. i am 30 years old and love and respect my mother and i had every good intention for my children. i may not have liked the spankings but i feel it helped me be a better person. i am very afraid to go to jail and be without my family. no one is listening or helping i am out here alone. i am afraid i am going to lose everything, my children, my job, my home. i am afraid to ever have anymore children and at this point afraid for my children to come home. my oldest daughter ran away and called the police because she was going to receive her spanking. if anyone has any advice please let me know i am really in need of help. i cannot afford an attorney and my trial is coming up next month september.


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