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Re: child abuse accused

From: SHC
Date: 27 Aug 2002
Time: 21:44:47
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I was accused of abuse myself on our then 2 yr old(she is now 3). I had never spanked her but had patted her behind with a diaper on but nothing to hurt anything but her feelings. I was also raised with spankings, but my spankings were with a switch and belt that was up on my back and all over my legs, to the point my mother would make me wear pants in the summer so that no one could see my marks that my father had given me and these would last for weeks.

NOW I have spanked my children and I do believe that some children do need to be spanked, but on the back or legs is a NO NO! ONly on the behind!And only if that is the last resort! Our oldest daughter called DSS on her daddy almost 3 yrs ago because she thought they would tell us not to spank anymore. Well that is not the case. Every county has different rules. You need to find out what your rules are. My husband had used a pattel on our oldest 3 yrs ago and it is against the law in our county. We were told only our hand or a belt! Which I think both are much worse! But anyways we were never arrested and told we had all rights to spank as long as you do not leave a mark on your child that lasts more than 48 hrs. Which we had never done. All of my children bruise very easily, so do I . So I am always careful of what I do. If I am angry I walk away from the situation. Put the child in time out until you and they can calm down. Ask your county about parenting classes. That will be one thing the judge might order you to do. YOu should be able to find it in your phone book under Child protective Services. You need to find as many people as you can that have been in your home have seen your children, been with you and your child lots of times. Teachers, pastors, church members, neighbors..... etc...... Hope this helps!! Document everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

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