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Falsely Accused Father

Date: 05 Sep 2002
Time: 18:23:15
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I am a single father of two. I have a two year old daughter and an 8 year old son.

On Tuesday Sept. 03, my son was rocking in his chair at the dinner table. He was punished with a spanking, as he's been told on numerous occasions to "keep all four legs on the floor"

On Wednesday Sept. 04 CPS invaded my home. My son had a bruise on his back noticed by a school nurse. A bruise that fits the dimensions of our chairs exactly. A bruise that my son created himself when he initially fell. The spanking he received was only on his butt, yet he claims I bruised him.

Now, CPS has had me "voluntarily" signing into their programs for family. My "voluntary" signing of their forms to this point has been coerced based on the fact that I could face legal/court action AND be included on our states child abuse registry if I don't.

I see people here faced with much worse problems told to go through the program(s) and get their kids back. My kids are still both in the home, but I feel it's only based on my "co-operation"..

What happens if I retract my agreement at this point ?? I did not abuse my son, I did not bruise him and I do not care to be FORCED to "jump through hoops" for CPS..

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