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Please Help Child Neglect/Abandonment

From: A Concerned and Confused Teen
Date: 07 Sep 2002
Time: 23:51:41
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Hello, My names is Alicia and I live in New Jersey. Im currently a Senior in High School. I have three younger cousins whom happen to be of the ages 8,11, and 15. Since as long as I can remember atleast six whole years their parents have subjected them to child neglect and abandonment. The children have not yet been enrolled in a full school year their entire life. I believe this is riduclous and cant imagine how our government has allowed this to persist. Im very confused. The children are often left at bus terminals and etc. to take buses to my father's side of the family. My family such as my grandparents, my mother, aunts and uncles etc. fail to do anything to help the situation. They do not want to report their parents or the like. The children are often left places such as my grandparents and the like. Do not misunderstand me the children are not mistreated necessarily by my family but they have not been subjected to education. Education in the American society determines your future. I do not wish to see them not be able to have a well rounded future due to their parents incompetence. Their parents have not had a home for their children in the last six years and have not ever held a job for as long as I can remember. However they steal from major corporations such as staples, Toys R Us, Walmart, and the like. They live out of motels. The kids are facing social isolation and do not have normal life styles to develop. However when they are temporarily staying with my fathers side of the family they "go out" but because of their past and current situation result to intolerable behavior. The eleven year old has already been arrested! I fear for my cousins and for their future. I have already contacted this one common known place known to help with this type of topic Im not sure how your properly spell the name. They have been notified repeadtly and they fail to help my cousins. My age limits me to alot of things Im able to do because Im seventeen. I would like to help get their lives on the right track as soon as I can. I would like any information, help, anything! To help my three cousins THANK YOU Sincerely from the bottom of my heart (Someone Please help ASAP)

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