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From: Jen
Date: 17 Sep 2002
Time: 02:11:06
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I am 16 years old. In 1994 my dad took custody of me away from my mother because in the State of South Dakota it is illegal to spank your child. A few years later I ended up moving back in with my mother after she returned to the state that my father lived in (Arizona). I lived with her for nearly 3 years (up until the end of my freshman year). I left because her and I got in a huge fight, resulting in my father acussing my mother of abuse again. He then sent me to live with his mother and father where I resided with my fathers family for nearly a year before he came to live with me in th state of Illinois. And then during this summer he allowd me to come visit my mother in Arizona. I have decided not to return to Illinois to my father. He had his lawyer file some papers serving my mother to appear in court. The judge ruled I be sent back, so I ran away. I am staying with people, where no one knows I am. I am safe. But there is an aresst warrant out for me and if found I will be charged with incouragability and sent back. My question is, with the abuse background my mother has, compliments of my father, what rights do I have to stay with my mother and two sisters? There are reasonable reasons to not go back. Ex) He drinks quite a bit, has never carried insurance on me resulting in lifetime medical conditions etc. Is there anything I can do to get back in school, come out of hiding, stay with my mother and sisters and not be incarserated and sent back to my father.

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