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Re: Runaway

From: Linda
Date: 17 Sep 2002
Time: 12:45:27
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My God! The first thing you need to do is call someone and let them know you are alive. This is such a short time in your life and you will be 18 before you know it. You HAVE to face the consequences of your actions NOW. Your school is more important than anything els. Just go to your mothers and let her handle from there. You are to young to keep going through this turmoil. Unfortunately, you made some choices that have now caused some more problems. You keep playing one against the other because you decide to live with your mother then you fight with her etc. You need to be safe and go home no matter where home the courts have decided it to be. You are ruining your education by being stubborn. Except the consequences NOW not later. Do not let one more day go by without being in school. Your choices that you make now will last you a life time and that is a reality.I doubt that you are going to locked up or anything like that. I live across the street from a low security detention center and actually they seem to have a good time over there. If you have to spend some time in a place like that (which I doubt, your parents just want you safe) it is not what you are emagining in your head. Hurry up and make a decision that is mature and responsible and prove to everyone that you CAN make somthing of your life. Like I said this is just a very short time in your life and then you will have the rest of your life to live either with an education or not. Please, I beg you to turn your self in to at least one parent. If you want to talk more , email me

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