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Re: Falsely Accused Father

Date: 03 Oct 2002
Time: 03:01:16
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Thanks for you responses so far.. I contacted an attorney, but unfortunately, it was AFTER I signed the papers they forced on me. I was essentially told sign this or your name goes into a state abuse registry and we take the kids.. I think most people put in that position SIGN THE PAPER.

My attorney recommends that I jump through the hoops at this point, so I am. This is the same attorney I used to gain custody of my children a year ago and her first words to me were "These people are Nazi's". So, I am confident I have someone on my side now that will not allow this to get out-of-hand.

Guess I can be another example of one good reason NOT to spank your children, as much as I believe in it's effectiveness.

My son is now in counseling as well. I'm guessing this is his way of acting out over his mother recently being incarcerated (again).

Thanks for the advice and I will keep you updated on my progress with this. I will also probably continue to check in here on a regular basis, even after this is over. Hopefully I can help others with what I am getting ready to experience, for the simple fact that there was nooone for me to ask when it happened to me.


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