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Re: Is not sending a child to school child abuse?   please reply

From: SHC
Date: 15 Oct 2002
Time: 06:30:11
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First off if the mother is homeschooling she should have a legal document stating she is allowed to homeschool. She would have to fill out the paper work and send it through her state.

Now if the child is not being homeschooled and is not going to is not abuse, but it is neglect on the child. If he misses so many days from school I know the school has to report the parents to DSS or CPS (friend of mine had DSS called on her because her youngest son at the time had missed more than 8 days that quarter, he was out because he was sick but DSS still had to be called) Now this is the tricky part about a 14 yr old. Most teenagers do not like their parents. So not unless this child is just the perfect child inside and out and everywhere and with everybody he is with he is perfect...... believe only half of what he is saying. I am not saying he is a lier, but teenagers tend to exagarate things worse than they are for their benifit. It may be he is being abused and asking for help, you need to be careful!!!!!! You dont want to get into it with your mother in law and you dont want to hurt the 14 yr old either!!!!

You stated when he does go to school the mother makes him do all of his homework? what is wrong with that???? Sorry I dont see the problem there. If he is not in school because of his mother, than yes that is a problem,,,,Kids need to grow and learn!!!!!! My advice watch things more carefully of how he acts when he is with his mother, how she reacts to him. Also ask your mother in law how she was able to get him in homeschool. What did she have to do to start a homeschool. See how she answers.

I know before I started homeschooling I read up and studied for almost a yr before I became brave enough to try it. Some laws are different from each state, but all states require you to send them info on you starting your new homeschool(with proof of your education like diploma, college diploma etc...) She should have had to pick out a name for her school!!!!!!!!! So ask her that!! May be a way for you to see who is telling the truth!!!!!!!! Hope this helps!!!!!

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