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PS referrals not brought up at FOC

From: JoAnne
Date: 25 Nov 2002
Time: 03:46:43
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My ex had 2 PS referrals on him when he lived with us. The first referral, he was ordered by PS into counseling which he never did. The 2nd referral, he left because he knew what was coming down. Before we went to FOC to determine custody/visitation, he came over here and begged me not to stop him from seeing kids. "I promise I will be good to them". DUMMY ME fell for it. He didn't really take kids like ordered and they would come home and tell me stories. Didn't know whether to believe them or not. Now it's a new situation. He moved in with a gf after only knowing her a couple days. Now he's into being SUPERDAD if ya know what I mean!! I know eventually he will tire of this routine and go back to being his old self. But the question is, is can I do anything in regards to what the kids told me in the past along with the PS referals, or am I stuck until he does something mean again? The only other thing I have is that a few times he dropped the kids off and I wasn't here (he had no idea where I was). The only reason they got in the house was because patio door doesn't lock and the woodstick wasn't blocking it. The other thing is that last time he had them he is suppose to take them to school on Monday of his weekend. He does not have clothes at his house and I refuse to send anymore with them (another long issue). Anyways, the kids had to go to school in the same clothes they had worn all weekend at his house and he never washed them. He blames this on me and has gotten them to also because I didn't send clothes and also because I wasn't home when he dropped them off (he didn't take them to school like court order)-- I had to go to work early that a.m. so I wasn't here.

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