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Laws about informing the other parent about a child abuse convictin

From: MommyTaz022200
Date: 14 Dec 2002
Time: 11:31:26
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My son's father was convicted of child abuse in 2001, for breaking his girlfriend's daughter's leg. My son at that time was 11 months old. I was never notified of that conviction. We had court to establish child support and custody issues less then a month after the conviction, and I allowed him to have shared custody. This past summer, while at his father's house, ny son was abused by his father's girlfriend. I was there when it happened, and saw it. This is the same girlfriend who's daughter's leg was broken by him. I took him back to court after that and recieved sole custody and he has supervised visits only, and he didn't even bother to go to court anyway. At the time of the court hearing (last month) I still did not know about the child abuse conviction. I have recieved $58 in child support from him this year, and the case had been refered to the DA to be prosecuted last month, so I called them on Monday to see how much longer it is going to take because I still haven't recieved court papers, and the lady on the phone tells me "I don't have any file on a child support case for him, the only things here on him are posession of drugs, worthless checks, child abuse, and assult" Ok, so I ask questions of course, the drugs I knew about, it happened after his girlfriend abused my son, the worthless checks I knew about, umm... child abuse? and she tells me yes, he was convicted in Jan. 2001, and put on some kind of probation for 12 months. Ok, I knew his girlfriend's daughter's leg had been broken, and social services had investigated it, but he told me that it was dropped because it was found to be cause by child play. I was never contacted by anyone from social services or anthing so I had no reason to doubt him. The assult happened in 1987, he was only 11 then, so the lady couldn't tell me any information on that case. But I do not understand why was I not told about the abuse? We had court not even a month after he was convicted, I would have never given a person who abuses children joint custody of my son!!! My son would have never been abused by his girlfriend if I had known about the charge and been able to better protect my son! Aren't there laws to protect our children in these kind of cases. I feel like the system have failed my son!

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