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State Custody unlawful

Date: 17 Jan 2003
Time: 12:47:04
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I am in a situation my son has been in state care for a year now. It took 6 months for DFS to notify me, I have Joint Custody as we are still married. The DFS did not even get Custody until I Filed a Habeas Corpus Petition and Criminal Complaint against them, the Sheriff won't investigate the Charges even though I have read the Statute to him.

7 months after his removal from the home and after being Physically served with suit they run into Court and get Custody in the Best Interest of the Child, no home study no Court orders of any kind have been had at this point.

State Statute says to have a Hearing within (72) Hours not 7 months but the Judges don't care about these issues or the 19 other State and Federal violations that have been violated to date.

I am a Disabled man who lives in another state with no ability to hire a Lawyer and there for the laws don't apply to my situation. Legal aide wont help as I not a resident there, and my son is not a resident here, ACLU only seems to fight for Prisoners not the public.

I can't afford to fight the system that does not have to comply with the 3 Court Orders that have been issued by the Judge stating to continue Family Reunification, yet they refuse and when I tell the Judge he sets a Hearing date and then cancels it the day before, after I have left to go up there. This is in violation of the Hearing Order that 72 Hours Notice of changes. I believe they are trying to run me out of money and don't care about my son.

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