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Excessive police reports against me

Date: 05 Mar 2003
Time: 02:10:57
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I am in the middle of a 730 custody evaluation in California. My ex wife has alledged domestic violence about me approx 3 years ago. She filed a restraining order but she violated it with excessive calls to me and ultimatly took me on vacation during the rest order. I WAS NEVER CHARGED or convicted nor did I ever have to plea to any charges. I was sent to a Baterers class due to her lies in a rest order hearing BUT NEVER HAD A CRIMINAL TRIAL. She removed the R.O a few months after it was issued. OUR CHILD WAS NOT CONCEIVED YET. She wanted me back. When she became pregnant, she moved out and 5 days before our son was born, she puts anpother RO on me to kep me from the hospital so she could put her maiden name on the birth certificate (she claims I called her too much while she was pregnant.) ANYWAYS ... she has numerous police reports on me before and after our sons birth but NEVER have I ben charged with anything. I have JOINT PHYSICAL AND JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY of our 2 year old boy and have had it for a year and a half but she now wants it removed. She claims I have beat out son. She has police reports of bruises he gets under his eye when playing. The psychologist is in possession of these and pictures. The department of Social Services has been involved and they found no reason for abuse or neglect. My ex wife has tape recorded me on numerous times and at times I have told her off due to my anger towards her. Will my custody be jeopardized in this 730 evaluation. I don't have a criminal record. The evaluator has seen my house and hers also. She wonders why the ex lives in poverty and me in my newly purchased home in a nice area. I tell her the ex has over a $100,000 in cash in the bank but refuses to rent or purchase a home for her son in a safe palce. He does not even have his own bedroom at her house. GIVE ME FEED BACK all you who are familiar with this ... OH ... in the past, she was under the care of a psychiatrist but she is a professional accountant (very smart). Will I get Sole custody or at least, will I keep the custody I have. MY DESIRE is for there to remain joint physical custody but for PRIMARY PARENT to go to ME. ... Will this happen... I am a nervous wreck over this stuff and need input... Thanks .. Gary

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