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Re: Scary but true....still trying to find out how my stepson...

From: Mareeh
Date: 13 Mar 2003
Time: 22:58:29
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As of right now, no one knows exactly how my stepson died. The stepfather said he fell off "A Regular" bed and broke his neck. As of right now, BM is not even sure of how stepson died and is now waiting for the autopsy. My husband and I are doing everything we can to find out what happened to my stepson. Everyone is waiting for the autopsy as of now.

We live in the state of CA, but the children are in North Carolina with BM. We've asked that my other two stepsons be removed from the home until investigations complete, but CPS social worker said they feel that my other two stepsons (3 and 6 years old) life are not endangered, even after the suspicious death of my 5 years old stepson. They will not remove the children from the home and my husband cannot get Emergency Custody of the children because they say that the children are in the state of NC and that is their reseidence. Sacramento County (California) still have jurisdiction. Now what is going on here? My stepson is dead and no one knows why or how. Still the county officials won't do anything to help. We are lost and angry and very upset. What is going on here? Even after CPS talked to the BM's two aunts who testified that Stepfather has always been abusive to the children (3 years now), they still won't do anything.

Email me with your response. We truly need your help right now.

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