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Abused and confused

From: gail in fw,in
Date: 29 Mar 2003
Time: 20:02:50
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My step daughter lives with her mother, and her moms boyfriend. She used to be happy and care free, but in the past year or so I've noticed alot of changes in her. I need help. I have talked to her and she trusts my enough to tell me things that are going on. But when I try to help her it always gets her into trouble or does no good at all. I'm on my last string of hope. Ive called cps, and get the response" we can't investigate because your husband has a common interest" I've called anonamous, I've tried every thing and she is either whipped or kept from us for long periods of time. I know her mother isn't hurting her physically, but her boyfriens is, and her mom is protecting him. How do I contend with this situation??????

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