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ex lied-im afraid this may have cost me custody

From: help me
Date: 04 Apr 2003
Time: 19:30:12
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my ex lied and said that i abused my 5 yr. old so that he could get emergancy custody. no one would grant this except elkart county,IN which neither party lives in. My 5 yr. old is not even his son. He took emergancy custody of our 2 yr. old twins. he is now making it impossible for me to see them until the court date in 6 weeks. cps investigated this cse and said they saw absolutely no reason for any of the children to be taken from their home and they will testify on my behalf. my lawyer is not that great because he is all i can afford and my babies are not in harm at my x's house(which is with his parents)I am afraid that he will gain custody because of his lies. He is only doing this because he found out i was going for child support and because my husband and i were moving 45 min. away to a house with 8 acres and horses which is closer to my stepchildren and work. Is there anything i can do to gaurantee that my babies will not be taken from me. Is it even legal to go through a county that none of us even live in? help me please- or just give me support that this is a nightmare that will soon end.

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