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Re: Rick so glad to see you :)

From: Rick-Dawn
Date: 10 May 2003
Time: 12:53:16
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It's soo very nice of you to ask.I have been following your "dilemma" every day.I read your posts daily and hope and pray, things are getting better for you and your precious children.I've been having a wonderful time with my princess. Last week end, we went to SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS, here at the seaquarium. What a unique and wonderful experience for her. She touched, fed and play with these wonderful animals for a few minutes, then the instructor showed her how to get a "ride" accross the lake on the back of one of the dolphins. We had a great time. The only problem I have is when she has to go back. It breaks my heart to know, I have to wait another two long weeks to be with my Daughter.Well Dawn, wish you the best and God bless you and your child.We'll be in touch.

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