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More of Ex's BULL crap

From: Desperate Non.C mother in Georgia
Date: 23 May 2003
Time: 04:08:19
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Now the ex is telling me yes he is still moving to Florida and first he was saying that he was going to let the kids stay with me all summer. NOW, he is telling me he talked to a counselor at work and says he is taking the counselors advice and is going to let the kids stay here for 3 weeks, take them to Florida for 2 weeks, then here for another 3 weeks and then back in Florida for 3 weeks and off and on like that the whole summer. He said that the counselor told him that, that would get the kids use to be going back and forth from Georgia to Florida and vice versa. He will not put anything new in writring about the summer. He refuses to put anything else in writing. He says he won't do it. This situation gets worse and worse by the day. What can I do, tell him I know I am suppose to get the kids 6 weeks out of the summer and I'm not gonna do this back and forth mess for the summer. He is the custodial parent and always makes me feel like I have no rights and nothing to say because he holds all the cards, and it's his way or no way. I'm so tired of this. I can't take much more of this mess. If it's not one thing with him, it's another. AND I STILL do not have the fifteen hundred or even the 500 hundred down payment to even take any legal action. What am I suppose to do??? What can I do??? He does this to me all the time. He tells me how it's GOING to be. Whether I like it or not, he makes all the decisions and then tells me well if you don't like it, too bad there is nothing you can do about it. I'm SICK of this.

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