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From: DESPERATE Non.C mother in Georgia
Date: 27 May 2003
Time: 05:53:12
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Well...the ex is telling me that he will be leaving with the kids, NEXT weekend. Then he will have them back on the Friday after that and I will get them for 30 days until July 6th. This is getting absolutly crazy. He is just making the crap up as he goes along. Here all this time I thought it was our Divorce papers that set the custody visitation and holiday dates and we had to go by the weekends and dates in our divorce agreement, when I must be wrong, because he keeps changing everything. He isn't going by any dates in the divorce papers for me and the kids. HE, is deciding when and what days and what weekends I will get to see the kids and when they will be in Florida and when they will be in Georgia. I STILL can't believe how he just keeps deciding when and what times and dates I will see the kids. It's like, "well being I'm the custodial parent, I WILL decide how the visitation schedule goes and when you can see them, and if you don't agree or don't like it....too bad, THIS is how IT goes." AND....he STILL won't go back and change anything in the visitation schedule for the new living arrangement for the kids. He REFUSES to go and have anything put into writing. He REFUSES to have anything changed about the custody or visitation schedule.

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