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15 Year Old Girl Kicked Out of Home For Man

Date: 09 Jul 2003
Time: 04:20:47
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My mom kicked me out of the house two weeks ago. I have a two month old son and I am 15 years old. At the moment I am stayed at my boyfriends house but I know that this "placement" won't last long. I am recieving nothing from my mother. My son is sleeping in his playpen when he has a crib at my mom's house. My mother is recieving food stamps for me and I am not getting any of that either. So meanwhile I am barely eating and I am constintly feeling guilty for staying here and my boyfriends mom not getting anything for it. I have been through this whole process before and she has done this many times before. Not for this long though without consequences. Each time that she has done this DCFS has simply placed me back in the house and said they would help and my mom would go back over the road(she is a truck driver). So naturally I got the help and she walked again. Now however, she through my things on the street and just left. I am not exactly sure on what to do from here, but I am not looking forward to the future.. Thank You!

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