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i lost my daughter to mental abuse

From: Hopeless
Date: 27 Jul 2003
Time: 06:39:53
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My ex abused me in every way while we were married and even after we were divorced. I never called the police so there is no record of it. I had custody of my daughter from the beginning, she was 1 1/2 when we divorced. She is now 14. Since day one he has taught her to disrespect me in every way. I battled this with positive reinforcement. I vowed to never lie to her which I never have. She grew up knowing that she could always count on me. Then just over a year ago I got sick. I was suffering from PTSD and depression. The man I was married to at the time saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of me. When my daughter tried to start a fight with me, which she did more and more as she got older, he egged it on. When I got upset, she said she wanted to go and live with her father. This is something she always said and something I would never agree with. Like I said he had been mentally abusing her since birth. My husband seeing this as the perfect opportunity to tear me down and get rid of his step daughter whom his sons hated told her she could go and live with her father, to get out. I tried to stop her but the ball was already rolling. The police were even called and they advised me to just let her go. Later he would tell her I was the one who told her to leave and she believed him. Shortly after that my depression got worse and I tried to commit suicide. My husband informed my ex who immediatly filed for emergency temporary custody. He quickly convinced my daughter that I was a nut case. Since then I have divorced my husband and have not seen my daughter but once at christmas at a family gathering. My ex who kicked her out of the house in the first place sees her often. I have tried numerous times to meet with her but she recently informed me that she has no desire to see me and that I am no kind of mother. I try and keep in touch with her but she does not wish to have contact with me. I tried counseling with her before she left home, but her father has convinced her that anyone who needs therapy or counseling is crazy. So when I've taken her she clams up and pretends all is right in the world. The counselors told me that there was nothing I could do to help her until she realized she needed help. I feel like a failure as a mother. My baby is being abused on a daily basis and there's nothing I can do about it. If it was physical abuse I could prove it with pictures but since it's mental there is nothing. I've called everyone for help and there's nothing!

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