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SM abusing our son!

From: momof3
Date: 29 Jul 2003
Time: 04:04:24
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Ok, I have a question. I have shared 50/50 custody with my ex. Ex just got remarried after dating a few months. New wife is a control freak. She has said some really rotten things about my kids to me. Called the oldest that goes to visit a "bitch", etc, etc. Calls our son names and he was only 4 then and would cry at night while here about what she would call him. He's 5 and we can't get him potty trained once he goes there for visits. SM and I chat on line sometimes. She tells me straight out that our son slammed her big dogs head into the floor and he's 5. Well, she says spanking or time out won't work, so she decided to do the same thing to him. She tells me this in chat. I asked the 10 yr old about it, and she confirms this. She also adds other times, like when our son was being loud and running through the house, she slapped his face so hard it left a welt on the side of his face! That she's always yelling and screaming. That she says everything's HERS and not theirs or the X's (her new hubby). If she catchs the older one talking to dad about when they used to live together, she becomes livid in front of the kids. Oldest says SM hates them and complains about every little thing they do and that they can't ever do anything right. Son is now talking about private parts of a woman's body and has said that she lets him see her breaast! He woke me up one morning lifting up my gown to see my "butt" he calls it and was laughing. She shaves his head when she's mad at me. I didn't know what else to do, but call CPS and they have a print out of where she told me she had done this to my son and got confirmation from the kids. My son wouldn't tell, just show them what she did. They asked my son who SM was, he said "mommy". They couldn't get him to call her by name and asked why. Oldest child says because she won't answer to anything other than "mommy" She's been his new wife for 9 mths now. Can I not count on CPS to protect my children from her? She is going to be livid and force X to come get the kids I know. What other steps should I take to protect them? I didn't call the police. Should have I? I need advice here.

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