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Re: child molested by mother's boyfriend

From: momof3
Date: 29 Jul 2003
Time: 14:37:21
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First and most important is to support the child. You're right about calling the police, etc to report it. If you don't then you also will get into trouble. It might be better to call when they child's in your custody and that way when they question her, she will feel safer, than if she is with the molestor and has to talk in front of him or her mom. If her mother is choosing not to believe her own child, then she is choosing her BF over her own child and can't be a parent and protect the child, therefor doesn't need custody of her. So you two now need to step in and fight for the child and her safety, because no one else is and she can't do it herself. You do whatever you have to, to make sure she is safe from harm in any manner, no matter who you have to walk over. That is one reason children continue to get molested. People are too afraid of hurting someone's feelings to put a stop to it. If everyone would just speak up, even if they just suspect something, then there would be less and less abuse everyday. God bless you and keep her in counseling, she's going to need it. Take it from someone who knows. It will remain with her throughout her life and will effect her life, esp with no intervention.

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