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Re: i lost my daughter to mental abuse

From: momof3
Date: 29 Jul 2003
Time: 14:47:10
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Hopeless, I feel your pain in your post and I'm sooo sorry. This does happen in the world we live in and sometimes, we do have to let go. How old is your daughter now? Mine is 17 and knows all and can do all, has fought me for years and I let her go finally. Now life in our home has found peace. We don't hate each other and I know she loves me, but you can't continue to fight to keep her, when she's fighting twice as hard to be let go. You can't help her, till you've helped yourself first. You have to be strong as a parent before you can help a child not wanting any help. But then again some children are just beyond help. So I would suggest, that you just call her once in a while to let her know you're there if ever one day she may want to be with you, and then you get yourself into counseling and heal the hurt inside you, because it's there. As long as you're trying to hurt yourself, shows weekness to the ones looking for your weeknesses, so get yourself together and become a new person and stronger and then they won't have anything to look for. I am going out on a limb here, but if you believe in God, get into a good church. They can be very supportive emtionally and pray a lot and get involved. The power of others, and God can help heal you, but you have to want it. "with God all things are possible" Good Luck! & God Bless you.

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