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Re: I'm done.....I give up

From: momof3
Date: 29 Jul 2003
Time: 15:39:09
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I know where you are. I've been trying to get a lawyer for over a year through legal aid and to no avail. Now I have to watch as my x got 50/50 custody, about to move to Guam through military. He makes killer money, while I choose to be a stay at home mom for the kids and don't have a career to fall back on and no money. His wife now is abusing our son and I've called CPS. But he'll probably get a lawyer now out of spite and take our son from me 100% of the time, just because I'm trying to protect him. If she hadn't of told me herself and the kids told me, I would have never called. But now I sit here waiting to see what happens, because I can't afford a lawyer myself to go against the big bad X to save my son, from SM abuse. Because of the legal system and the games that they play, yes I can see why some parents do run with their kids. They aren't protected from child molestors, abusers, or just play out rotten parents. It's a crime to be poor in the USA!! You're less than a person in the USA if you don't have money to buy a lawyer to do your dirty work. Don't get me wrong, I love the USA, but a lot of the people in it SUCKS!!!! I will keep you in my prayers.

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