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Re: child molested by mother's boyfriend

From: concerned step-mom-to-be
Date: 01 Aug 2003
Time: 21:03:23
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Thanks momof3. We reported the abuse to michigan cps, who referred us to the cps office in georgia that we needed to speak with. Her mom tried to fly up to georgia to, basically, kidnap her before she got to be interviewed in georgia. We just got back last night from spending 4 days down there. She now has to live with her mom and her grandmothers, she had a forensic interview done by specialists in the county where the abuse occurred. Her mother and the boyfriend had an appt to be questioned at the sheriff's office today and they were being videotaped. We retained a lawyer while in georgia and are filing our paperwork next week to petition for full custody. We have yet to here if they will be prosecuted, however my step-daughter, again drew pictures, named the rooms in the house where it happened, and could demonstrate with dolls. Along with those incidents there were other things that went on with other children, so cps has other concerns about lack of supervision, and she had walked in on her mom and her mom's boyfriend having sex a 'few' times and her mother admitted that much to my husband-to-be and I. We feel like we have a pretty good case and like cps understands us and is working with us. thanks for the advice.

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