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Re:Gone to Desperate NonC.Mom in GA

From: A Mom going through the same thing
Date: 09 Aug 2003
Time: 04:34:52
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I totally understand your situation. I, too, have tried to get a pro-bono atty but legal aid says there aren't enough to go around. Soon to be Ex (Jan 2004 final hearing sched.)has a lawyer who is friends with the judge and the Guardian ad litem. I fired my atty because he was friends with them too and I got screwed BIG TIME!!! My daughter is going to her father's tomorrow for her first overnight visit. Her father is an alcoholic with 2 DUI's, is emotionally abusive. House is filled with rats and mice and flies and all kinds of insects, rotten food and dirty dishes, pots and pans on the counters and stove, floors covered in cow manure and hay and filth (he is a dairy farmer), house is over 200 yrs old and falling apart. He can't even take care of himself let alone an infant. She is 10 mos old today! She is learning how to walk and I am afraid she will fall down the stairs. I am afraid she will be bitten by the rats and mice like his father in the same house. He doesn't see anything wrong with his house or how he treats me. He is still verbally abusive to me. The list goes on and on. I am a college educated, well-mannered,cultured woman who fell for a man who lied to me from day one and used me. The true side of him didn't appear until after we married. I have tried in the courtroom representing myself like in last Friday's hearing and I got screwed by every man in that courtroom. It was awful!! They all got their way and I was left standing there like a fool trying to convince them they were harming my daughter in that environment and not one of them cared! All they wanted was to be sure the father got what he wanted! My family lives 700 miles away and I am not allowed to spend Christmas with them until my daughter turns 21! My parents will be dead by then! I have no family in this state. I am not allowed to move 20 miles from my present residence. I am being held prisoner here and only partial custody of my daughter. I am not looking forward to the years of counseling trying to convince her that a filthy alcoholic is not a healthy way of life along with the vulgar language, actions and abuse in a squalor home. No one in the entire state of NH or VT will help me! I am lost here and alone. Want to leave the country for good but don't know how without being thrown in jail if caught. any advice out there? By the way, the State of NH Judicial System is CORRUPT!!! RUN FROM JUDGE JOHN ARNOLD, ATTY TED PARENT, ATTY JEREMY HOCKENSMITH AND THE PROFESSIONAL JUDICIAL CONDUCT COMMITTEE. I REPORTED THE JUDGE FOR MISCONDUCT AND THE COMM. DIDN'T FIND ANYTHING. THE JUDGE TAMPERED WITH TRANSCRIPTS OF THE HEARINGS. I GOT COPIES AND PAID $270.00 FOR THEM. THEY ORIGINALLY CHARGED $441.00 BUT AGREED TO ALLOW THE ORIGINAL $270.00 ONLY AFTER THE COMM FOUND NO FAULT ON THE JUDGE. WHAT A CROCK OF SH** I HAVE BEEN FED!

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