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update to: need advice, fast

From: momof3
Date: 18 Aug 2003
Time: 16:53:39
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As you've read in the first few posts, I did call CPS because of SM saying in pm, she punched my 5 yr old son's head into the floor, because he did it to her dog. And that the kids said she had also slapped him so hard it left a welt on his face for being loud inside the house. CPS came out and talked to the kids and sounded on their side. Then now I get a letter saying that there wasn't enough evidence. She said it herself, but now says she meant something else, and that it was a typo. She says that I falsely accused her and I am just wanting to be a bitty and to keep our son away from her and his dad. That's not true. I've worked with them on visitation and even met them half way, since they live in the next state. She also says it's the older child's fault and that she does nothing but lie and it's all to please me. It wouldn't have been questioned if she had not have said it herself on the pc, to bring it up. But to blame it on a child? That's nuts. Now I get an ugly email every morning when I wake up, with her rantings and ravings against me and my older child. It goes on and on and on. I've tried to tell her before they made the choice, that I only did it for the kids, and God knows that's true. I didn't even go or call about seaking custody of the kids, which some would have done. I am JUST trying to protect the children, but she is so blind by rage, she can't see that. I don't hate her, or my ex, but I have a responsibily to the children and they come before either of them, even myself. She is now saying, it is I that is abusing our son and that I leave bruises on him and welts. I asked her why the heck has she not called CPS herself? I told her don't EVER let me or anyone ever abuse a child, because adults are their only voices. I'm not worried, because God knows my heart and what happens in my home and so do I. CPS was here and checked out the kids and they found nothing on them while they were with me. So she's just trying to get me back, which isn't working. I do wonder why a child's word isn't worth a grain of salt. How can a 5 yr old make it up with detail? If it didn't happen, then why does he says he's never going back to daddy's? That all plus what she said and what they said... made me wonder and made me call CPS. I wasn't sure and I couldn't judge since I am not there. She says I am jumping to conclusions, but I told her, that if I were, then I would have just went up there and stomped her behind myself personally, but I didn't, so I wasn't assuming. Now, I wonder what she will do to the kids to get back at me, or anything to get back at me. I'm now scared for the kids !! God help them I pray.

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