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From: Windy
Date: 05 Sep 2003
Time: 05:14:34
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We need to bombbard our representives with e-mails and letters. Let them know how we feel. DCF lies and does whatever they want to do to parents and it's the most unfair thing I've ever been though in my entire life. I use to have a lot of faith in our justice system and now I have none. They have been way to much power. I feel really sorry for you. Your child is learning early how to manipulate the system and I would be very afraid because he could land you in some serious trouble someday when you try to punish him. When my son was about your sons age he called the police on me and said I was abusing him, after talking to him he admitted to the police man I hadn't touched him. The officer told me he could get you in big trouble some day. Well at age 14 he did it to my husband. I was at work when he accused my husband of hitting him, I tried to stay out of it and DCF dragged me into it. It has been a nightmare for all of us, my son included.

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