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Re: Help can they say that pic they have are from us as parents a...

Date: 09 Sep 2003
Time: 14:58:13
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I realize this is a year later on a reply to this...don't know if you'll even read it or if you in fact have gotten your twins back by this time (I sure hope so). My 7yr old Niece lived there in NC. and we had pics of bruises all over this childs body, which at the time she was living with people who were caretakers for her and not of any relation to her (long story), but we as the childs Aunt and Uncle KNEW this child was being hurt and could tell by the tone in her voice when we called to speak to her, could tell by marks on her face each time we saw her, could tell by the "fakeness" of the caretaker and could see right through her and how she really was as a person, which was a very miserable sole to say the least! Anyway...the state of NC. saw the pictures of the bruises, saw a mark on the childs neck, as well as other things and still chose to let this woman keep our Niece without so much as "considering" us as potential adoptive parents to this child. The child knew exactly who we were and that we loved her very much, and we know she felt the same towards us by the way she treated us. Anyway because NC.'s DSS/CPS chose to listen to the caretaker who ultamately became her guardian....the child is dead as of the end of August this year!

There is no excuse for this, and this death could have been prevented, but it's been our experience that DSS/CPS does what they damn well please and if you're not in on their good side or friends with one of them....well you can forget it! No matter what you say, they don't give a rats butt about that child, rather the protection of the childs privacy by not telling you what is going on to help protect them, as well as being concerned about the accused persons "rights". This is how it was handled in our situation so I was surprized to see that you live in NC. and they are even considering those pictures of marks to be caused by either of you....can they prove the marks are consistant with when you and your husband were with the children? It would seem like they can tell by how faded or clear the marks would be...and the children are plenty old enough to speak up and tell the truth as to how they got the marks. My Niece was 7, God only knows what she was told behind closed doors as to what would happen if she "spilled the beans". Guess we'll never know cuz she's gone now.

I hope all turns out for the best for you and your family. I'm sorry if the system is turning it's back on you from the other direction then they did us...either way it's not right and the children are the ones who suffer the most.


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