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Child Abuse

From: Crystal Thiers New York age 16
Date: 25 Sep 2003
Time: 14:53:44
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When I was growing up things were fine. Then my little sister was born. My dads new girlfriend at the time started to hate me more and more becasue i wasnt her child. Then i hit the age of 9 years old and i started to find out about my biological mother and my stepmother hated her. so i would hear all these lies and i didnt know what tyop belive. At the age of 12 i started acting out because my dads girlfriend would always corner me on the bed adn start hitting me and screaming at me and say i wasnt no good that i was bad child. My father knew nothing about any of this becaseu either i was too scared to tell him or i was told not to tell him. Then my mom died when i was 12 and i got sent to a home in Poughkeepsie ny. I still live there now and i look back on all the horrible things sharri would make me do or even did to me. I love my dad and he cares so much about me thats why he put me in the home. I still fight with "her" but then soemtimes its ok now. i feel that i would like to work with kids wheni get out of high school as a probation officer or even a CPS worker. i love to help kids that have been in the same perdicumaent as me. See when my daddmarried Sharri it hurt but now i guess i have to deal with it because there is nothing i can do but ignore it and move on with my life and know that i wou;ld never put my child through what i went through. Child abuse i so wrong and poeple should rot in hell for it. No child deserves to go through that. I know i didnt like it at all. If anyone would like to talk to me about this. My email address is Just remeber never let a kid get put through this.

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