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Re:Gone to Desperate NonC.Mom in GA

From: crazy!!!
Date: 03 Oct 2003
Time: 02:32:34
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this is in response to mom going through the same thing. I know who you are and your the crazy one. You are the one emotionally hurting your child. Your ex has done a complete change in his life and I'll be the first to say I never thought that possible but he is such a proud happy father who dearly loves his child and you are doind everything possible to sabatoge that. You've lied and tried to manipulate everyone and when things don't go your way you accuse him of buying people and saying his lawyer is connected. Also you didn't fire your attorny he quit because he realized how crazy you are. The dad also lives in a brand new apartment. I'm the mother of three children and I'm extremely over protective and I would let the father in this case watch my children before I would let the mother any where near them. By the way lots of people have stairs in their houses and we all worry that they might fall down them but thats no reason to forbid him to see her. Get some good medication soon before you damage your child!

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