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needed advice

From: feeling stuck
Date: 04 Oct 2003
Time: 00:11:35
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My Lawyer wasn't doing anything I asked but the dh (ex) to be was getting everything he wants and is fighting really dirty. I had just switched lawyers and my new lawyer has tried getting all my paperwork and files from the ex lawyer with no response in anyway. Has anyone sued an ex lawyer can I, and if so how do I go about it? My new lawyer says he needs the files to get an interim child custody for me is that so? The ex said when he stormed out and abandoned me and 3 children not saying where he was going after he assaulted me as well that he was going to fight for custody. I don't know what the laws are if there the same but I am from Canada. My ex is stalking me breached his restraining and I am terrified he is going to take the kids from school in the mean time and I will not see them again. With out this in order. This is such a mess. He has not payed the mortgage and utilities this month and refuses plus canceled my tuition and car registration. He is pulling everything out from underneath me. Besides turning most my family against me. Now I have to do a historical report on all the abuse from way back that he has done to me dates times years wittnesses I am so frustratedbecause how am I to remember all this when it happenned I blanked so much out and the officer wants it by next week. It's to go over with the prosecutor that is representing me with the charges against the ex as he is pleding not guilty now I have to be in court. I wish this was all over the ugly stuff and the maintenance can be setup already.

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